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Welcome to Whitworth!

Dear parents and guardians,

We are profoundly honored that you and your student have chosen Whitworth University. With so many options available, your choice communicates to us your trust that we will be your partners in supporting the continuing intellectual, spiritual and social education of your student. Whitworth’s faculty, staff and administration view our relationship with you as an important partnership, and we look forward to many opportunities for interaction with you as your daughter or son studies at Whitworth.

We humbly ask that you consider doing a few things as we work together. First, please pray regularly for your student and for Whitworth. I pray on a regular basis for each student and for our entire community, asking that we may engage together in the noble pursuit of education in ways that equip us to serve our communities in the name of Christ. Second, please communicate regularly with us. Although federal law prohibits us from disclosing certain information, if you have questions or concerns that we can address, don’t hesitate to contact appropriate university personnel. Finally, please enjoy watching your student grow and learn. He or she will be exploring new ideas, questioning prior perspectives, and discerning God’s calling for his or her life. This is a fun process to watch, even though it may be a little disconcerting at times. I pray that you will support your student as he or she grows and develops.

I have committed myself to communicating regularly with you through several methods. These include my monthly Mind & Heart newsletter, as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts. In all of these communications, I try to provide a candid but thoughtful look at campus life and other topics that are of vital importance to Whitworth’s mission. (I also try to have a little fun!)

Again, welcome to the Whitworth family, and thanks for entrusting your student’s education to us. With God’s help, this partnership will be a great success in the life of the daughter or son you have so faithfully prepared for this day.

Beck A. Taylor
President, Whitworth University

Whitworth University Office of Alumni & Parent Relations
509.777.3772, 800.532.4668