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Parents' Frequently Asked Questions

  • Information for parents of new students re: incoming mail

    • Please do not send packages to campus until the third week in August.

    • New incoming students will not have received their mailbox numbers by Labor Day weekend.

      • Until that time, please address mail to them omitting student mailbox information.

      • Once you receive info from your student regarding his/her mailbox number, please share it with friends and family. Using the student mailbox number (SB No.) allows the Whitworth Student Post Office to assist your student more efficiently.

    • Should your student require a keyed box for physical reasons, please contact Whitworth Student Life.

  • How should you (and others) address mail to your student?

      • Students do not share mailboxes. Please do not address packages to more than one student or one box number.

      • Many students do not use their legal first names. If this is the case with your student, please have him or her contact the registrars' office to fill out a Preferred Name Form. Until this form is complete and processed, please use the student's full legal name.

    • Student's full legal name

    • SB No. (Not a residence-hall room number)
      300 W. Hawthorne Road
      Spokane, WA 99251

      • A student box number, or SB No., is not a legal P.O. box number. Think of it as an apartment number.

      • Example:

        Robert P. Funderbluss
        S.B. 1753
        300 W. Hawthorne Road
        Spokane, WA  99251
  • Shipping perishable packages (medication, flowers, cakes, baked goods, food items):

    • Please be sure to include your student's full name and Whitworth box number for all perishable items.

      • When your perishable package is received, the post office will send an e-mail notification to your student.

      • We do not deliver packages to residence-hall rooms.

      • If the package is a surprise, we will make every effort to inform your student of its arrival without giving away the nature of the package.

  • Fun ideas to help you keep in touch with your student

    • Photo postcards

      • Students will occasionally become homesick, but seeing the faces of family and friends can help ease that pain.

      • Be creative! Many online sites now allow you to customize a border, print a photo, and send it right from the site. *We suggest that you do not send original copies of family photos, as they can be damaged in shipping.  Send a scan or a copy instead.

      • Such photos also make great wall décor for your student's residence-hall room!

    • A message in a bottle

      • Two-liter soda bottles can hold some fun stuff. They're fun to fill and fun for your student to receive. Check online for some great ideas about how to fill and send a two-liter greeting.

    • A care kit

      • Any package, big or small, can encourage your student to "keep up the good work." For example, if your student is ill, you can send cold-and-flu medicine, favorite teas, hot cocoa mix, and/or any number of other " get well soon" items. At the end of each semester, Whitworth also has a Finals Week Survival Kit available for purchase through the alumni office (509.777.3799 or

    • Packages from home that include (on the inside or outside)...

      • Stickers;

      • notes of encouragement from family and friends;

      • drawings, etc.

  • How to avoid delays when shipping a package

    • Delivery of packages that leak, tick, or produce a strong odor will be delayed.

      • Leaking packages

        • Shipping laundry soap and other such liquids that are not in their original packaging or are packed inadequately often a package to leak.

        • Leaking packages can damage other students' packages and cause delays due to inspection; such packages must be cleared as containing non-hazardous materials.

      • Ticking packages

        • When shipping battery-operated items such as the following, always remove the batteries before shipping.

          • Sonic Care toothbrushes

          • metronomes

          • clocks and stopwatches

        • Ticking packages can cause panic and serious delay. Such packages must be cleared as containing non-hazardous materials.

      • Packages that emit a strong odor

        • Packages that are highly perfumed or that contain broken perfume bottles can be hazardous to students with allergies. Since packages are stored in a confined space and odors may transfer to neighboring packages, please pack perfumes and other highly scented items very carefully.

  • Whitworth Student Post Office hours of operation:

    • Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
    • Saturday, Noon-2 p.m.
    • *Please note that the post office offers package pickup
        services only
      on Saturdays; postage sales and shipping are confined to weekdays.
    • Hours differ on school holidays, breaks, and postal holidays. Please check with the post office staff for holiday hours.
  • Post office phone number for off-campus callers:

    • 509.777.3279

  • Current postage rate

    • Rates change each year. Please refer to for current postage rates.


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