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Alumni Achievements

Amanda Peiffer, '10

Major: Biology

Current Position: Scientific engineering technician at the Hanford Site in Tri-Cities, Wash. Her focus is in method development for analytical instrumentation at the Hanford Site's laboratory.

Why Whitworth? "I never got the chance to visit Whitworth before making my decision, but after reading about the promising academic opportunities, looking at the pictures of the beautiful campus, and hearing about students' amazing experiences, my decision was made."

Whitworth Activities: Participated in En Christo and Relay for Life, and served as a small-group leader.

Quote: "While the biology and chemistry departments at Whitworth provided me with the most directly applicable academic knowledge for my current field of work, I believe that all the departments contributed to preparing me for my future career. Classes that bolstered critical and analytical thinking capabilities, team-building and strong writing skills best prepared me to be successful in my current field."

Influential Whitworth Professor: "Mike Sardinia inspired me in the field of biology, through his passion and dedication to his work and his students. His classes were challenging, and they equipped me with critical-thinking skills that have been valuable so far in my career. His openness to students' questions helped encourage me to maintain a questioning attitude, which enhanced my understanding and increased my intellectual curiosity. In my experiences with the professors in the biology department, they all present learning in a challenging yet fun manner. Most important, they all have a heart for their students and have a desire for them to be successful in life beyond the classroom."

Career Goal: "I hope to pursue a master's degree in either biology or chemistry. After progressing into a chemist position at my current workplace and gaining experience in the field, I want to move to a more research-focused field, possibly in the area of biomedical research."

Here's what some other recent Whitworth graduates are doing with their biology degrees:

  • Emily Campbell is a biologist at McCormick Biological, in Bakersfield, Calif., where she consults with companies on the most environmentally conscious way to carry out their projects.

  • Michael Harms is studying at the University of Washington School of Medicine. After graduation, he plans to work overseas.

  • Chelsea Casebolt teaches biology at White River High School, in Buckley, Wash.

  • Elizabeth Wall attends Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (Md.).

  • Michelle Bess is assistant to the director at The Posse Foundation, in Chicago.

  • Dominique Wallace is an electrophysiology technician at the Providence Heart & Vascular Institute, in Spokane.

  • Angela Lutwitze is in pharmacy school at the University of Iowa.
  • Wesley Meyers is interning with a climate-change study group based at the University of Montana.
  • Wade Roberts is in a Ph.D. program in plant molecular biology at Washington State University.
  • Miriam Wanjohi is pursuing a master's in public health-epidemiology at Texas A&M.