Rock & Sling 14.1

Spring 2019
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Bruce Alford - "Authentic Language"

Ryan Blosser - "Painted Leaves"

Helen Casey - "You Kept Your Secrets"

Ericka Clay - "Just as the Gazelle is Eaten"

Abigail Díaz - "Southern Gothic Song"

Joanne Esser - "Lines That Come at One A.M. Just Before the Inauguration"

Sylvia Foley - "The Mycologist," "Runt"

Daniel Galvin - "The Depravity Hour"

Arthur Ginsberg - "Zakhor," "The Words"

Kat Heatherington - "Primary Issues"

Nora Kirkham - "Inbound, Outbound"

Autumn Konopka - "Privilege Issues a Call for Feminist Poems," "Privilege Writes a Prime Time Teen Soap"

John Leonard - "Harper County"

Christopher Linforth - "The Little Girls"

David Magill - "Fertile Ground"

Eli Makovetsky - "For Love"

Liz Nakazawa - "From Tibet"

Claudia Owusu - "my granny's face in the harmattan storm"

Akshaya Pawaskar - "On return of the ghost ships"

Debra Rienstra - "The Long Light"

Marvin Shackelford - "Giant, Hill"

Dorsía Smith Silva - "Imprint of Fear"

Noel Sloboda - "Family Affliction"

Laura Sweeney - "Something Like This"

Sherre Vernon - "The Hierophant"

Steven Walters - "Oatmeal Bread"

Nicholas Yingling - "On the Divinity of Self"

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