Rock & Sling 6.1

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Amidon, Shannon: Psalm

Amorosi, Ray: Mud Flats

Amorosi, Ray: To Reverend Arnold Kenseth

Barry, Janet: Man, Woman, Old Cat

Barry, Janet: Rosary

Bent, Gala: Anadiplosis

Bent, Gala: Bundle

Bent, Gala: Parallelism

Bent, Gala: Stray

Bobb, Cathy: Day After Christmas

Bobb, Cathy: Kingdom

Cooley, Beth: Moravian Cemetery

Cooley, Beth: Poesy

Crooker, Barbara: Judas Tree

Denend, Mary Van: Robert in Ecstasy

Dodd, Jeffrey G.: Horoscope with a Perimeter of Concertina

Dodd, Jeffrey G.: For the Make-Out Artists of Riverfront Park

Dodd, Jeffrey G.: More or Less a Starting Point

Dougherty, Edward A.: Chicory Flower Song

Harshman, Marc: The Stories that Feed Us

Holmes, Tom: An Origin of the Other

Holmes, Jenelle: Letter

Holmes, Tom: Paleolithic Person Explains Why He Paints Deep in the Cave

Howell, Christopher: Abide with Me

Huggins, Jeremy Clive: Chalkboard

Huggins, Jeremy Clive: Mushroom

Huggins, Jeremy Clive: Numbers

Huggins, Jeremy Clive: Old Man

Jakpa, Emmanuel: New Song

Jakpa, Emmanuel: Venie

Mairs, Nancy: Janani Leads Me to the Cross

McQuerry, Maureen: Load Lines

Moore, Julie L.: Peace Lily

Moore, Julie L.: Sparrow

Morgan, Kristina: Temple

Morris, Dan: Cows in November

Morris, Dan: Winter, Hattiesberg, Mississippi

Noe, Tom: Quilting

Noe, Tom: Standing by Water Once Again

Passarella, Lee: Cloudscape with Heron

Rienstra, Debra: Revision

Stallings, David: With Us

Stewart, Joshua Michael: End of Summer

Stimson, Brie: Jesus’ Answering Machine

Stott, Laura: City of Shiva

Succre, Ray: Deus Absconditus

van Eerden, Jessie: Raised Up, Wet-Headed

VanderHart, Hannah: Note to the Subjective Thinking Individual

VanderHart, Hannah: The Dwarf Cherry Tree

White, Kelley: Annunciation

White, Kelley: Bartimaeus, the Son of Timaeus

White, Kelley: Madonna of the Fall

Wilson, Leonore: Soft Object


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