Rock & Sling 8.1

A Conversation with Andrea Palpant Dilley Art by Scott Kolbo
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Ballenger, John: Incarnation

Ballenger, John: In Defense of the Earth’s Capacity for Production

Bowman, Bethany: Allegany Prayer

Bowman, Bethany: Black Caps

Bowman Jr., Daniel: On the Bridge at the Bend

Bowman Jr., Daniel: The Waves

Dodd, Jeffrey G.: Dear Russel Nakagawa

Dodd, Jeffrey G.: Dear Russel Nakagawa

Dodd, Jeffrey G.: Dear Russel Nakagawa

Dodd, Jeffrey G.: Dear Russel Nakagawa

Dodd, Jeffrey G.: Horoscope with a Brass Ingot

Ellis, Kinzee: The Righteous Body (Etymology Lesson 5)

Fruhauff, Brad: Indiana, Summer

Fruhauff, Brad: It Will Be Night Again

Hall, Becca Rose: The St. Louis Tornado of 1896

Harrity, Dave: Cacophony

Harrity, Dave: Dissonance

Harrity, Dave: Drift

Harrity, Dave: Moonflower

Harrity, Dave: This Winter Mix

Johnson, Marci Rae: Ghazal for Amy Grant

Johnson, Marci Rae: O That With Yonder Sacred Throng

May, Jonathan: To my sister Jennifer

McCann, Amy: Face-of-Clay

McCann, Amy: Remnant

Newman, Jae: American Mother

Newman, Jae: Song: Decade

Pfaff, Matthew: noctilucent

Pfaff, Matthew: why do they shut themselves like hairy petals?

Pfleegor, Kristina: Bodies

Pfleegor, Kristina: My love, listen

Runyan, Tania: Not With Words of Eloquent Wisdom

Smith, Kathryn: After the Funeral

Stelmach, Marjorie: The Angels & the Spade-Foot Toads

Stelmach, Marjorie: The Angel of the Border

Wells, Sarah M.: Calling Hours

Wells, Sarah M.: Harvest Meal

Wright, David: Blake Paints What Milton Can’t Show in a Play

Wright, David: Saturday, Sestina with Antlers and Blood

Wright, David: Sitting Across from Teilhard de Chardin

Wright, William: Faith



Netzley, Matthew: Transubstantiation

Sizemore, Vic: A Prophet of the Most High

van Eerden, Jessie: Beulah House



Iverson, Mandy: Bridging Blue Lines

MacIvor-Anderson, Josh: Leisure World

Zierman, Addie: Here Comes the Dark

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10.2 Broadside

Art: Reinfirst by Heather Gwinn Poem: Spiritual by Tod Marshall 8.5" x 14"