Vox II

Delivery date: 1 week

Gale Acuff – “Too Good”

Ezra Aries – “Bonesong,” “Ode to Every Song About Rivers, Ending In A Line Of Bike Cops As Another Paddy Wagon Holds The Future In Its Throat” 

Sayuri Ayers – “For My Father Who Voted for the 45thPresident: A Love Song”

Adam Berlin – “Brat”

Micki Blenkush – “Waiting”

Helen Casey – “All Aboard”

Samina Hadi-Tabassum – “Habibi”

Carrie Heimer – “Boy Jumping into Hudson River, 1948,” “Portraits/1”

Michael Henry – “Gun is Owned By Heat”

Paul Ilechko – “As Boys in the Street,” “Stolen Candles”

Lucas Jacob – “Sanctuary”

Wayne Johns – “Interracial Gay Couple at Revolutionary War Park”

David Magill – “After School”

Hannah Marshall – “Poise,” “Seatbelt,” “To Give Comfort to Those Who Sit in Prosperity and in the Apathy of Wealth (An Inventory)”

James Penha – “Father”

Danielle Estelle Ramsay – “To All the Boys I Have Never Been in Love With”

Lisa Rieck – “Failing Michael Brown,” “Growing Up White,” “Marrying Off the Restaurant”

Margaret Rozga – “How do you say no?”

Francine Rubin – “This is America,” “If You’re Talking to Me,” “These Days”

Ellen Stone – “Dresses,” “I am from leaf shade”

J. Turk – “(re)Starting”

Jessica Walsh – “What Sober Means”

Sandy Weisman – “The Neighbor”

Lisa Werhan – “Scratching Heavenward”