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Off-Campus Opportunities

Japan Study Program

Term: May 2019

This course will offer you the chance of a lifetime to explore western Japan with fellow Whitworth students. The course is designed to provide students an opportunity to experience eastern healthcare, religion and education. Students will spend time comparing and contrasting what one knows to what is experienced in Japan. The course will also expose students to international diversity. Specifically, students will examine the role of diversity in determining one’s worldview by analyzing, gender perspectives, religious perspective, and responsibilities as a Global Citizen. Highlights of the trip include: • Stay on the campus of Kwansai Gakuin University • Visit Nishinomiya, Osaka and Kyoto • Visit Hiroshima o Ride the Shinkansen (Japanese Bullet Train) o Peace Memorial Museum o Okonomiyaki Row o Miyajima Island o Shopping • Ancient Cities of Kyoto and Nara (with host family) • Hanshin Tigers Professional Baseball Game and Clubhouse visit • Koshien Stadium Tour, Hanshin Tigers Stadium • Home stay opportunity with a Japanese family • Observe various KG varsity sports teams • Chapel services at Seiwa College • Seiwa College/KG English Language Classes • Kindai University, Osaka. Watch a Sumo practice and see the University • Ritsumeikan University, Health Sciences/Athletic Training Facilities Tour • Visit numerous temples and shrines • Morinomiya Acupuncture school • Take part in PE classes at KGNSC

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