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Students who are majoring cross-cultural studies, international studies, peace studies and political science interviewed seniors in each of these majors to get advice from them.  The information from the interviews is posted to help prospective and current majors to learn from the good work their  colleagues have done.  Below are some of their responses. 

When did you choose your major?
What are your plans after graduation?

“Whitworth has great political science faculty and amazing students. It’s only getting better and stronger. We have some of the brightest students on campus.”  Mark Feddes

“I wish I had known that Whitworth has many connections, and, because of that, you don’t have to choose a specific major because you think that it is the only way you will be guaranteed a job after graduation. Whitworth prepares you to be marketable for most jobs, regardless of the major you choose.”  Chelsea Snyder

“Take advantage of your professor’s office hours, your T.A., and other students in your class. They are all good ways to bounce ideas off each other and to get involved. “ Morgan Yost
“Put the work into your classes, because then you’ll get more out of them. And focus on classes now, because when you get to upper division you’ll wish you could take one of the lower-division classes again, because you’ll want to have all the information.”  Elizabeth Lewis

“You should travel as much as you can and put yourself into situations that you feel uncomfortable with. Get outside of your bubble and experience the unfamiliar.”  Curtis Powell

The No. 1 piece of advice from seniors: The Whitworth Political Science Department is full of amazing professors who are passionate about their field of study. So take advantage of their office hours, because they genuinely want to help their students succeed.

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