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How should I prepare for the LSAT?

First, be familiar with the Law School Admissions Council website: www.lsac.org. This site has preparation materials for the exam. Several sample questions can be found online as well, at http://exampedia.org/wiki/LSAT_Test

Second, there are two ways for you to prepare for the exam itself. You can take a prep course like Kaplan's, Princeton Review, Sherwood, Blackstone, or a course held at a local law school. And you can prepare by working through books sold by these same course organizations. These books are available at most bookstores. Get several and take the same tests over and over to really familiarize yourself with the style of questions.

I recommend that students start playing Sudoku early in their college careers. This game trains your mind to think ahead several steps as you are working out logic puzzles. Then, take the Logic course offered by the philosophy department. The LSAT has reading comprehension, writing and lots of logic puzzles. Finally, take about six months to work through LSAT prep books like Kaplan's and Barron's. Work a couple of hours a day, five days a week. Pay close attention to the instructions in the book for how to attack each different type of logic puzzle. Some students have also found the book The Logic Bible to be of help. After you have worked on this yourself for several months, you can take a prep course. Not all students find the prep course to be necessary, but many feel that it provides a little last-minute confidence boost.

There are students who take the LSAT cold and do well. This is rare.