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Grant CasadyGrant Casady

Associate Professor
300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251
Phone: 509.777.4597
Fax: 509.777.4943
Office Location: Robinson Science Hall 205


Ph.D. University of Arizona
M.Ag., B.S. Oregon State University

Year Joined Whitworth Faculty


Areas of Specialization / Expertise

Landscape ecology; disturbance ecology; natural resource conservation; remote sensing science

Selected Publications / Presentations / Honors

Refereed Publications (since 2010):

  • Casady, G.M. 2015. Exploring tree age and diameter to illustrate sample design and inference in observational ecology. American Biology Teacher.  77(3):206-210.
  • Casady, G.M., W.J.D. van Leeuwen, B.C. Reed. 2013. Estimating Winter Annual Biomass in the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts with Satellite- and Ground-Based Observations.  Remote Sensing.  5(2):909-926.
  • Leon, J.R.R., W.J.D. van Leeuwen, and G.M. Casady. 2012. Using MODIS-NDVI for the Modeling of Post-Wildfire Vegetation Response as a Function of Environmental Conditions and Pre-Fire Restoration Treatments. Remote Sensing. 4:598-621.
  • Davison, J.E., D.D. Breshears, W.J.D. van Leeuwen, G.M. Casady. 2011. Remotely sensed vegetation phenology and productivity along a climatic gradient: on the value of incorporating the dimension of woody plant cover.  Global Ecology and Biogeography.  20(1):101-113.
  • Casady, G.M., S.E. Marsh. 2010. Broad-Scale Environmental Conditions Responsible for Post-Fire Vegetation Dynamics. Remote Sensing.  2(12): 2643-2664.
  • Casady, G.M., W.J.D. van Leeuwen, S.E. Marsh. 2010. Evaluating post-wildfire vegetation dynamics as a response to multiple environmental determinants. Environmental Modeling and Assessment. 15(5): 295-307.
  • van Leeuwen, Willem J.D., G.M. Casady, D.G. Neary, S. Bautista, J.A. Alloza, Y. Carmel, L. Wittenberg, D. Malkinson, B.J. Orr. 2010. Monitoring post-wildfire vegetation recovery with remotely sensed time-series data in Spain, USA and Israel. International Journal of Wildland Fire.  19(1): 75-93.
  • van Leeuwen, W.J.D., J.E. Davison, G.M. Casady and S.E. Marsh.  2010. Phenological Characterization of Desert Sky Island Vegetation Communities with Remotely Sensed and Climate Time Series Data.  Remote Sensing.  2(2): 388-415.

Invited Professional Talks (since 2010):

  • Casady, G.M. 2015. Do brooding sage-grouse use mesic habitats in Lincoln County? Washington State Sage-Grouse Working Group Meeting. October 28, 2015, Moses Lake, WA.
  • Casady, G.M. 2014. Seeing the forest for the trees: evaluating variations in land surface phenology.  Washington Native Plant Society. April 24, 2014, Spokane, WA.
  • Casady, G.M. 2014. Time-Series remote sensing: Taking the pulse of the planet.  Gonzaga University Biology Research Seminar. March 19, 2014, Spokane, WA.
  • Casady, G.M. 2013. Verbrugge Environmental Center, a Conservation District Partnership. Washington Association of Conservation Districts 2013 NE Area Meetings.  October 2, 2013, Usk, WA.
  • Casady, G.M., W.J.D. van Leeuwen. 2010. Using Remote Sensing Data in Assessing Past Productivity and Future Resource Availability in the NWF Region of Pakistan.  Workshop on Watershed Management and Land Rehabilitation in the Northwest Region of Pakistan. December 6-8, 2010, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Casady, G.M.  2010.  Using Web-based Geospatial Tools in Rangeland Resource Education.  Range Science Education Council.  63rd annual meeting Society for Range Management.  February 7 – 11, 2010, Denver, Colorado.