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Stephen MeyerStephen Meyer

Adjunct Faculty
300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251
Phone: 509.777.None listed
Fax: 509.777.None listed
Office Location:


Areas of Specialization / Expertise

Philosophy; history of molecular biology; history of physics; evolutionary theory; geophysics.

Selected Publications / Presentations / Honors

Articles: "The Orgin of Cellular Complexity: Self Organization or Exogenous Design?" in "Rhetoric and Public Affairs" (1999); "The Message in Microcosm: DNA and the Death of Materialism" in "Cosmic Pursuit" (1997); "The Nature of Historical Science and the Demarcation of Design and Descent" in "Facets of Faith and Science Volume IV: Interpreting God's Action in the World" (1996); "The Use and Abuse of Philosophy" in "Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith" (1994); "Human Rights: Blessed by God or Begrudged by Government" in "Current World Leaders" (1988).