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Whitworth University Environmental Studies Program

The environmental studies minor adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the development of environmental literacy and competency, integrating insights from the natural sciences, social sciences, theology and the humanities to provide a comprehensive understanding of humanity's role within creation and to foster careful stewardship of the earth.

The environmental studies minor will provide Whitworth students with:

  • An enhanced ability to think critically about some of the most pressing questions of our day by considering the environmental impact of their personal and professional decisions
  • A broad approach to environmental issues, including scientific, social, ethical, and economic perspectives
  • A greater appreciation for the application of faith and learning to creation care and environmental stewardship
  • Enhanced marketability – employers are increasingly concerned with the ramifications of environmental impacts of their endeavors, and they hire accordingly. Students pursuing graduate education will be more competitive as a result of the broad perspective provided by the minor.

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