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Contact Information

Caroline Simon Provost & Executive Vice President
509.777.3702 or
Brooke Kiener Associate Provost
509.777.4657 or
Lynn Noland Director of Sponsored Programs
509.777.3701 or
Gretchen Cleveland Executive Assistant to the Provost
509.777.3702 or
Jonathan Royal Budget Specialist
509.777.3583 or
Teresa Norlin Program Coordinator
509.777.3203 or
Amanda Clark Director of the Library and Associate Dean of Special Programs
509.777.4482 or
Randy Michaelis Interim Dean of the School of Education
509.777.4402 or
Ken Pecka Director of Instructional Resources
509.777.3292 or
Cheryl Vawter Associate Vice President for Graduate Admissions and Continuing Studies
509.777.4518 or
Noelle Wiersma Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
509.777.4421 or
Tim Wilkinson Charles L. Boppell Dean of the School of Business
509.777.4567 or
Nick Vasiloff Director of the International Education Center
509.777.4596 or
Deanna Ojennus Director of Assessment and Accreditation
Associate Professor, Chemistry
509.777.4860 or
Jose Ortiz Registrar
509.777.3786 or
Dale Soden Director of the Weyerhaeuser Center for Christian Faith & Learning
Professor, History
509.777.4433 or
Kathy Storm Director of Teaching, Learning and Faith Integration
Professor, Psychology
509.777.4535 or
Bert Emerson Interim Director of the Honors Program
Assistant Professor, English
509.777.3267 or