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125 Seconds with Whitworth Professors

Whitworth professors are leading scholars in their fields, but their first love is teaching – sharing their knowledge and their passion for learning with students. In honor of Whitworth's 125th anniversary, we've asked a number of Whitworth professors to offer a short glimpse (125 seconds, actually) into their academic discipline and how they explore it with our students.

Professor Meredith Shimizu asks if art can be spiritual

Whitworth alumna and Assistant Professor of Art Meredith Shimizu, '93, examines the abstract paintings of Mark Rothko to explore whether art can illuminate basic human emotions and transcendent truths in unique ways.

Asking The Big Questions

The Transforming Power of Empathy

It's not like it's rocket science.

Laurie Lamon shares one of her poems

Forming Our Identity through Communication

How Families Feed our Political Views

Professor Pete Tucker takes a 'trip to Pluto' for data

Professor Meredith Shimizu asks if art can be spiritual