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Full-Time Undergraduate Cost Estimator

Welcome to the Whitworth Annual Cost Estimator for 2020-21. We provide this tool to help domestic, full-time, day, undergraduate students and their parents ESTIMATE how much will be owed to Whitworth after applying resources from financial aid. Actual costs per term may vary depending on outside scholarships being applied to only one term. Also, there may be additional fees not reflected in this estimator. Prior to each term, students receive billing information electronically. At that point, students will be billed for just one term at a time.

Families interested in a payment plan will receive information in the term Billing Form. To review a list of all costs (billable and non-billable) related to attending Whitworth, visit

Billable Costs   Fall Term Spring Term Year
Tuition Help

Tuition based on standard full-time marticulated day attendance.   

$22,525 $22,525 $45,050
Fees Help

Total fees include: 250 (ASWU Fee) +375 (Wellness Fee ) +575 (Campus Facility Fee)

$600 $600 $1,200
$300 for 1-5 credits.
$0 $0 $0
Housing Help

On-Campus Housing Double Occupancy enter $3,325 per term.

With Parent or Off-Campus enter $0. For the calculator, students should choose the housing plan on which their award was based.

Meal Plan Help

Meal Plan A enter $5500
Meal Plan B enter $TBD
No Meal Plan enter $0

Total $23,125 $23,125 $46,250

Financial Aid  
Students who participate in student employment
receive their earnings directly and thus are not
used to offset the bill.
Fall Term Spring Term Year
Grants and Scholarships Help

Grants and Scholarships are forms of gift aid awarded based on academics, financial need and/or talent. It is provided by federal, state, private and institutional resources. It does not have to be repaid.

Federal Direct Student Loans Help

Loans are an investment in your future and will need to be repaid once you complete your college education.

Perkins Loan Help

Loans are an investment in your future and will need to be repaid once you complete your time at Whitworth.

Other Loan Help

There are other credit approved education loans that students can borrow.

Federal Direct Parent Loan
(Plan to borrow for the entire year) Help

Federal Parent Loans are credit based loans that parent borrow directly from the Federal Government. 

Outside Scholarships Help

Outside Scholarships must be reported to the financial aid office and included in your financial aid award. Please use the link on this page to report outside scholarships awarded.

Total $0 $0 $0

Fall Spring Year
  Billable Costs $23,125 $23,125 $46,250
- Financial Aid $0 $0 $0
Net Cost $23,125 $23,125 $46,250

The balance due can be covered by summer work, savings, family gifts and outside scholarships.

To report outside scholarships, please use the outside scholarship report form.

Please select a payment plan option below. Payment plans are on a per-semester basis.

Fall Payment Plan Options  

Spring Payment Plan Options