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Whitworth University Conference Services

Plan your next conference or workshop at Whitworth University and experience a "retreat in the pines." Located on 200 acres of beautiful forested land in north Spokane, Whitworth is the perfect setting for year-round seminars and workshops and for summer conferences and retreats for qualifying nonprofit organizations. We will serve as your link to all the facilities, resources and support you'll need. Whether you are planning a small seminar or a large conference, we're here to assist you.

Whatever your needs, Whitworth welcomes you. Our conference staff works closely with you to plan every detail of your conference or gathering. We take pride in our service, and our goal is to make your stay at Whitworth as productive and hospitable as possible. Our summer conference assistants are available 24 hours a day to ensure that your event runs smoothly from the moment of your arrival to the day of your departure. Visit us soon and experience for yourself our beautiful campus and high-quality service.


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