2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Whitman vs. Whitworth
  Date: 11/09/13  • Site: Spokane, Wash.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
[45:00]  Contos,Niko at goalie for Whitman.
 For WHTW-M: #2 French, Andrew, #4 Flint, Andrew, #8 Larson, Balin, #12 Engle, Sam, #13 Bray, Matt, #14 Selisch, Sam, #19 Wolfe, Spencer, #20 Starkovich, David, #26 Beehler, Chris, #33 Costa, Timmy, #34 Wren, Will.
 Foul on Whitman.
 Foul on Whitworth.
[50:16]  Shot by WTMN-M Mirman,Jesse, SAVE Costa, Timmy.
[50:37]  Shot by WHTW-M Starkovich, David BLOCKED.
[52:26]  WTMN-M substitution: Perkins,Sam for Fleming,Nathaniel.
 Corner kick by WHTW-M French, Andrew [55:32].
[56:05]  WTMN-M substitution: Schumacher,Cooper for Kim,Daniel.
 Corner kick by WHTW-M Wolfe, Spencer [58:17].
 Foul on Whitman.
[61:02]  WTMN-M substitution: Epstien,Forest for Medina,Marcos.
[61:02]  WHTW-M substitution: Berriman, Rylan for Wren, Will.
[61:02]  WHTW-M substitution: Jarrett, Samual for Starkovich, David.
[61:02]  WHTW-M substitution: Ubben, Robby for French, Andrew.
[63:42]  WTMN-M substitution: Vorauer,Clint for Grime,Logan.
[64:15]  Yellow card on WTMN-M Shaw,Reid.
[64:35]  Shot by WHTW-M Ubben, Robby, SAVE Contos,Niko.
 Foul on Whitworth.
[67:15]  Shot by WTMN-M Anderson,Cole BLOCKED.
 Foul on Whitman.
[69:49]  WHTW-M substitution: Mean, Sam for Engle, Sam.
 Foul on Whitman.
 Foul on Whitworth.
[73:15]  Shot by WHTW-M Wolfe, Spencer HIGH.
[73:24]  WTMN-M substitution: Flannery,Kyle for Sappington,Isaac.
[74:28]  WHTW-M substitution: Nostdahl, Anders for Jarrett, Samual.
[74:28]  WHTW-M substitution: Brown, Jonah for Wolfe, Spencer.
 Foul on Whitman.
 Foul on Whitman.
[79:50]  WHTW-M substitution: French, Andrew for Berriman, Rylan.
[79:50]  WHTW-M substitution: Fosket, Nathan for Selisch, Sam.
[79:50]  WTMN-M substitution: Edwards,Drew for Schumacher,Cooper.
[79:50]  WTMN-M substitution: Beleche,Jose for Epstien,Forest.
[81:02]  Offside against Whitworth.
[84:18]  Shot by WTMN-M Shaw,Reid WIDE.
[87:03]  Shot by WTMN-M Perkins,Sam WIDE.
[87:03]  WHTW-M substitution: Engle, Sam for Ubben, Robby.
[87:03]  Nishioka-Healy,Shane at goalie for Whitworth.
[89:57]  Shot by WHTW-M Fosket, Nathan, SAVE Contos,Niko.
 End of period [90:00].