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Athletic Training Majors Award

Purpose and Amount of Award

Athletic training students enrolled in on-campus clinical experiences enrich the campus community and support the institutional mission to honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity¬Ě through their service-learning. Hence, the Whitworth Athletic Training Program established this scholarship to support all athletic training students enrolled in on-campus clinical experiences. Since the purpose is to support all such students, the amount of this award will vary annually, depending on the number of students enrolled in the program who meet the established criteria. Typically, awards have ranged from $250-$350 each semester.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student must be a full-time, full-fee-paying matriculated day student.
  • Student must be in good academic standing per Educational Review Board.
  • Student must be admitted and enrolled in the athletic training program at Whitworth.
  • Student must be in good standing per the athletic training program:
  • Minimum 2.75 GPA
  • No grade < "C" in any major-required course
  • Satisfactory performance in clinical experiences
  • No other disciplinary issues
  • Students must be enrolled in an on-campus clinical-experience course during the semester of the award (AT 283, AT 284, AT 483, AT 484)
  • Financial need is not a consideration

Application Process

Students who have received the Athletic Training Majors Award must maintain eligibility each semester or the award may be rescinded. Specifically, students placed on "probationary" status within the athletic training program during one semester will most likely not receive the award in the following semester. However, if the reason for probation can be remedied before the end of the semester (and before all financial aid deadlines), the athletic training faculty and head athletic trainer may make the decision to continue the award.

Financial Aid Details

This scholarship is an add-on to the student's financial aid award. Whitworth-funded scholarships (such as this one) can be applied only toward tuition; therefore, students whose full tuition is covered through remission or other Whitworth scholarships may not be able to accept this additional award. Students should consult with the financial aid office directly regarding the impact of this award on their overall financial aid package, and a student may choose to decline the award for any reason.