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Graduate Admissions (M.S. in Athletic Training) Information

Whitworth’s M.S. in Athletic Training program is no longer accepting applications at this time.

How to Apply

Applications are submitted through the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS).

Submit your ATCAS application, which includes the following: 

  • Official Transcripts: Arrange for ATCAS to receive an official transcript from each college and university from which you earned a degree (bachelor's or higher) in the United States and Canada.
  • CV/Résumé: Upload your detailed résumé or curriculum vitae to the “documents” section of your ATCAS application.
  • Personal Statement: Use the following ATCAS prompt to write your personal statement and upload it as part of your application. Describe your professional goals including why you have chosen athletic training as a career. 
  • References: Applicants must arrange for two (2) references to be submitted electronically through ATCAS. Each evaluator will be contacted using an email address provided to ATCAS by the applicant.
  • Observation hours: A minimum of 40 observation hours with an athletic trainer must be documented using this form

GRE scores are not required.

Admission Requirements

Students applying to the professional (graduate-level) phase of Whitworth's MSAT program must complete the following admission requirements:

  1. A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
    Current Whitworth students in the five-year accelerated track must demonstrate successful completion of all undergraduate major and general education requirements prior to starting the professional phase of the MSAT program. 
  2. A successful interview with the AT program Admissions Committee (in person or virtually).
    Current Whitworth students may substitute an AT advisor rating for the interview.  
  3. An overall grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher (if your cumulative GPA is lower than 3.0 due to first- or second-year grades, we will consider the last 90 quarter/60 semester credits as your calculated GPA.) A GPA of ≥2.75 will be considered on a case-by-case basis for conditional admission;
  4. Completion of the prerequisite courses listed below with a grade "C" or better for full admission (lower grades may be considered on a case-by-case basis). Equivalent Whitworth courses are suggested in parentheses. Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to starting the MSAT cohort in July but do not need to be completed at the time of application. 

MSAT Prerequisite Courses

  • Anatomy & Physiology: Two courses in a combined human anatomy & physiology sequence (e.g., Anatomy & Physiology I and II), or one course each in anatomy and physiology; must include a laboratory experience (HS 220, HS 221)
  • Introduction to Psychology: One course covering introductory human psychology and behavior (PY 101)
  • General/Introductory Biology: One course emphasizing the role of cells in living systems and foundational biology principles. Lab recommended (BI 140, BI 140L)
  • General/Introductory Chemistry: One course covering foundations of chemistry. Lab recommended (CH 101 and CH 101L, CH 161 and CH 161L)
  • General/Introductory Physics: One course covering basic principles of mechanics. A biomechanics course with physics principles may be accepted. (PS 151, PS 131)

It is the student's responsibility to check for course equivalency. Refer to the Whitworth Transfer Information page or contact the Whitworth University Registrar's Office ( for more information. Course title, credits and numbers vary by school.

MSAT Application Review Processes

For more information on what happens after you apply and how your application will be reviewed, please see the Admissions Review Processes.

Admissions FAQs

Observation Hours

  • What is the purpose of observation hours? 
    Observation hours are the best way for the applicant to be exposed to the AT profession. We want you to experience what the day-to-day job of an AT is like, and discern if this career would be the best fit.
  • I’ve previously done observation hours with a PT, do those count, or would I need to do additional hours with an AT? 
    We require a minimum of 40 observation hours. Since there is significant overlap between PT and AT job duties, we will allow up to 20 hours with a PT to count towards our requirement. However, you must have at least 20 hours specifically with an AT. 


  • Do I have to resend my transcripts if I have already submitted them to Whitworth University for undergraduate admission?
    No, you do not need to resend. We can access any prior undergraduate transcripts.
  • Do I need to submit my transcript from all colleges or universities attended, or just from degree granting institutions? You need to send transcripts from all colleges or universities that you have attended and received academic credit.

Admissions Process

  • After submitting my application, when should I expect to hear from the AT admissions committee? 
    Typically you will hear from us within one week of your application being completed. If you submit your application but it is incomplete (e.g. waiting on transcripts or letters of recommendation), processing may be delayed until all application elements are received.
  • If admitted, how soon do I have to decide if I accept the offer?
    Once you are admitted you have 30 days to accept your offer.
  • How does Whitworth select applicants?
    We utilize a holistic admissions process. Holistic admissions means we use more than just your GPA or individual course performance (although those are factors too). We’re interested in who you are and what you bring to our program, including work and life experience, extracurricular activities, professional goals, personality and more. See the MSAT Application Review Processes for more details about how we review applications.
  • How long should my personal statement be?
    A quality personal statement should be between 300-500 words.
  • If interviewing, how long after the interview should I expect a formal decision?
    If your application is complete at the time of interview (e.g. all transcripts received, all letters or recommendation received) you can expect a formal decision within 1-2 weeks of your interview.

    If your application is incomplete at the time of interview (e.g. waiting on transcripts, missing letter of recommendation) your decision will be delayed.  We cannot release a formal decision until all elements are received.
  • What if I do not know how to use ATCAS?
    See Whitworth’s video tutorial on how to use ATCAS or access the ATCAS help page here.


  • Are interviews required? 
    All external applicants (new to Whitworth) will be asked to interview. Current Whitworth students may interview or may opt to substitute an AT advisor rating for the interview portion of admission scoring.

  • What does the interview process look like? 
    Interviews can be conducted in-person or virtually (via Zoom). The applicant will meet with two athletic training faculty members for approximately 20 minutes. Goals of the interview include getting to know the applicant and addressing any questions the committee has regarding the application materials. In addition to questions for the applicant, there will be time for the applicant to ask questions of the interview committee. 
  • How should I prepare for the interview? 
    Applicants should wear professional attire for the interview.  For virtual interviews, please find a quiet space where you will not be distracted or interrupted.  Be prepared to answer 5-8 basic questions (e.g. questions about your career goals, strengths/weaknesses, and prior experiences). We recommend preparing questions you have for the admission committee.


  • How many students can you accept each year? How does this compare with the number of applications do you receive?
    We aim for cohorts between 8-14 students. On average we receive 14 applications per year.
  • What is the acceptance rate for admission to the MSAT program?
    Over the last three years, we accepted ~88% of applicants. The most common reason for not admitting a student is a failure to meet our posted admission criteria (e.g. does not have a plan to complete all required prerequisite courses prior to admission, does not meet minimum GPA).
  • Is there an average GPA that the program is looking for?
    We are looking for an average GPA of 3.0 or higher. If your cumulative GPA is lower than 3.0 due to challenges in your first 1-2 years at college, we will calculate the most recent 90 quarter credits/60 semester credits as your GPA. A GPA of ≥ 2.75 will be considered on a case-by-case basis for conditional admission. 
    Over the last three years, the average GPA for the incoming cohort was 3.43.

Offers and Offer Acceptance

  • What do the steps after admission look like?
  1. Submit your decision reply form within 30 days to accept your offer of admission!
  2. Submit your enrollment deposit ($200) to hold your seat by March 31.
  3. Watch your email for information about housing, class registration, your new cohort, and AT uniform ordering in the spring and early summer.
  4. (If applicable) Complete any outstanding requirements for admission (i.e. submit your final transcript bearing your spring grades and posted degree.)
  5. Plan to be in Spokane by the orientation date provided in your admission letter, with classes starting the next day.
  • Are scholarships available?
    Yes, please see the “Scholarships and Grants" section on our webpage for more information and links. You will automatically be considered for two of our scholarships (consideration is part of admissions). Separate applications are required for two additional scholarships, so watch your email in March/April for the call for applications.

Clinical Rotations

  • Are all the clinical rotations in Spokane? Is there any cost to me?
    Students can opt to do all clinical rotations in the Spokane metro region. However, we have many excellent clinical placements outside of Spokane, and strongly encourage students to consider opting-in for rotations out of region. Students may incur additional travel or short-term living expenses for clinical rotations completed outside of Spokane. In the past our students have often found affordable short-term housing with alumni, family or friends in the vicinity of out-of-region rotations.
  • I’m interested in Division I or professional athletics. Whitworth is a Division III school, will I be able to get clinical rotations that align with my career goals? 
    Yes, we have several clinical site options at Division I institutions, semi-professional and professional level organizations!
  • Can I customize my clinical rotations?
    Yes, all clinicals are customized. Our clinical coordinator will get to know you personally and you will be able to work with him to set up clinical experiences that align with your goals and priorities!