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Research & Internships

Students in the biology department are encouraged to be involved with research at some point during their undergraduate studies. Many options, both on and off campus, allow students to be involved in a variety of research areas that fit their interests. In each project, students are trained in specific research techniques that allow them to participate in, rather than just observe, the process. 

Faculty Areas of Specialization/Expertise

  • Frank Caccavo: Marine biology; microbiology; science
  • Grant Cassady: Landscape ecology; disturbance ecology; natural resource conservation; remote sensing science
  • Olivia Cope: Plant-herbivore interactions; population and community ecology
  • Aaron Putzke: Developmental biology; cancer biology
  • Michael Sardinia: Biology; zoophysiology; veterinary medicine
  • Craig Tsuchida: Biology; ecology; marine biology; marine invertebrate biology; symbiotic biology, evolution; science