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The Building

Creating a Space for Exploration and Innovation

Whitworth leadership, with input from the Whitworth Engineering & Physics Department, plans to construct a world-class engineering building. It's the university's No. 1 capital priority.     

A building site has been chosen flanking three other STEM-dedicated buildings to utilize shared learning spaces. Preliminary design plans are in hand for a 19,600-square-foot structure at a cost of $15.5 million.

Identified Features:

  • Two Design Laboratories with 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters and electronics benches to create prototypes
  • Metal Shop and Wood Shop maker spaces to encourage hands-on experimentation and development of practical solutions to problems 
  • Computational Lab with commercial and custom software to begin the design process by modeling mechanical and electrical components
  • Collaborative Spaces to foster teamwork in assembly, testing and design iteration

Use of the circa 1967 Eric Johnston Science Center will continue for some engineering & physics department classrooms, labs and offices.  

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