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Liberal Arts Advantage

A Whitworth education is grounded in the liberal arts: the study of literature, languages, philosophy, history, math, psychology and science. At Whitworth, professors and students explore the interconnectedness of ideas and make new discoveries where academic disciplines intersect. Our students are well-equipped to excel in forensics, which requires the integration of knowledge from diverse fields such as politics, ethics, literature, science and economics.

Forensics students at Whitworth develop and strengthen their abilities to:

  • think critically and creatively;
  • communicate clearly and compellingly;
  • analyze complex issues from a variety of perspectives;
  • synthesize diverse ideas and new information;
  • ask questions that yield original insights;
  • work as a team and manage time well.

Whitworth's liberal arts education enables our student-debaters to draw quickly from a broad range of ideas they have already studied. Since our team members represent a variety of majors, from philosophy and theology to political science, English and mathematics, teammates can help each other better understand wide-ranging debate topics.

- Whitworth Forensics Coach Mike Ingram