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M.Ed. Montessori, Elementary (Ages 6-12)

The Montessori elementary (ages 6-12) education diploma will qualify and prepare you to teach in a Montessori classroom and to foster a passion for learning with each elementary child. Just as each child has a unique learning style, each teacher can adapt to provide an individualized education experience and encourage each child's natural excitement for learning.

  • Two locations: on campus in Spokane, Wash., or during the academic year in Portland, Ore.
  • Internships in or near your hometown
Degree Snapshot
Credits 36
Class Format Spokane: Summers on campus, online
Portland: Academic year at Montessori Northwest, online
Cost Per Credit

$675* per credit

Tuition includes the AMI elementary Montessori diploma through Montessori Northwest. 

Application Deadline Please visit Montessori Northwest for application deadlines. 

*for the 2020-21 academic year

Our on-site summer program allows you to continue working full-time during the regular school year as you earn either:

  • Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) elementary Montessori diploma
  • Master of Education in Montessori
  • Washington State Teacher Certification

For more information regarding Montessori teacher training, please visit the Montessori Northwest website.

Summer Housing (Spokane, Wash.)

Summer housing is available at Whitworth University on-campus for $14 per night, per person, in a furnished theme house. You will only be billed for the amount of time you spend in the home; price includes Wi-Fi and utilities. Email for more information. Off-campus housing options are available.

Program Options

Montessori Diploma Only

The Montessori preparation courses will allow you to acquire your elementary AMI diploma. If you choose to earn your Montessori Diploma only, you will apply only with Montessori Northwest.

Montessori Diploma with Master's Degree

Complete 27 credits of coursework through your AMI diploma training. With nine credits of additional online coursework, you'll also earn your M.Ed. in Montessori. For course descriptions and learning outcomes of this major, please view the course catalog.

Montessori Diploma with Master's Degree & Teacher Certification

In addition to the Montessori diploma courses, you may also earn your master's degree with Washington State Teacher Certification through an additional semester of extended student teaching and coursework to fulfill certification requirements.

Master's Degree Only

If you already have your AMI diploma, you can earn your M.Ed. in teaching & learning with an area of concentration in Montessori in just 22 credits. 

Cohort Format

Once you begin the program you will participate as part of a cohort, which will provide a built-in support system and help you establish your own network of professional colleagues. The cohort will take each of the classes together in sequence, so you can begin and end the program with the same group of educators.

Program Costs

Tuition for the master's degree is $675 per credit and includes the AMI Montessori diploma. Tuition for the master's degree with certification will include one additional semester of student teaching and coursework. Contact the director of Whitworth's Montessori program at 509.777.3459 for options. 

*Variance of total cost may occur due to annual changes in fees and tuition per credit. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships are available through both Montessori Northwest and Whitworth University.

Financial aid is available for students enrolled in the master's-level program. We recommend that you apply for financial aid at the time you apply for the program. Students enrolled only in the AMI diploma program are not eligible for financial aid. Contact the Whitworth Financial Aid Office ( for more information.

How to Apply

Step 1: Apply to Montessori Northwest

Contact Montessori Northwest ( if you have any questions. Students applying for the diploma-only option do not need to apply to Whitworth University.

Step 2: Apply to Whitworth University

After you've been accepted to Montessori Northwest, please follow Whitworth's Graduate Studies in Education application process. Contact our office ( if you have any questions.

You may use the same recommenders for both applications. Separate official transcripts will need to be sent to both Montessori Northwest and Whitworth University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait until I've been admitted to Montessori Northwest before applying to Whitworth?

Yes, please wait. You will also need to request a separate copy of certified transcripts to be submitted to each institution.

If I choose not to apply to Whitworth's M.Ed. in Montessori program this year, can I apply once I've finished my AMI training?

No. You must apply for Whitworth's graduate program before the course begins. You must register and pay tuition to Whitworth while you are doing your AMI training in order for that coursework to be graded and counted toward the degree.

Can I apply for financial aid?

Yes. Students in Whitworth's M.Ed. Montessori education program are eligible for financial aid. We recommend that you apply for financial aid at the time you apply for the program. Students who are enrolled only in the AMI diploma program are not eligible for financial aid.