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Admission to the Whitworth Graduate Studies in Theology Program is competitive, and the Graduate Admissions Committee is dedicated to providing a thorough, holistic review of each application.

The Graduate Admissions Committee strongly encourages all applicants to visit Whitworth University to learn more about our programs from current students, faculty and staff. To arrange a visit, please call 509.777.3222.

Application Requirements

The Graduate Studies in Theology Program seeks students with a passion to attain a deeper knowledge and understanding of Christian theology. Ideal applicants are currently involved in a church or Christian organization. All applicants are required to have completed a bachelor's degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher from an accredited institution. Though a student's GPA is reviewed for probability of academic success, we understand that undergraduate GPAs, particularly those from several years ago, may not reflect current ability or commitment to academic success. Prior coursework may be considered if an applicant's GPA is below 3.0.

Once you have returned all application documents, the Admissions Committee will review your application file and notify you, in writing, of your status. The Whitworth Graduate Studies in Theology Admissions Committee carefully considers each completed application, with no particular weight put on any one piece.

Application Materials

Below is a step-by-step description of the application process and required documents. You may also go directly to the online application, as instructions are included in each area.

Application and $35 fee

The online application has several components; at the end of your application, you will be prompted to submit your $35 application fee.

Essay, résumé, and statement documents may be attached to the online application or emailed directly to the graduate admissions office at

Professional Recommendations

Two recommendations are needed to complete your application; at least one must be from a member of a church or faith-based organization with which you're currently affiliated.

Recommendations are completed via an online recommendation request sent directly to each reference once you begin the application process.


Order official transcripts from ALL colleges or universities previously attended, and have them sent directly to the following address:

Whitworth University
Graduate Admissions
300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251


You may submit your résumé by attaching it to the online application or by sending it via email to

Please include any church or service activities, work experience and recognitions (honors and awards). The admissions committee will pay close attention to the quality of your experience and the level of responsibility, leadership and teamwork demonstrated. They will also consider the relevance of these skills in comparison to spiritual goals stated in your personal essay.

Personal Essay

Submit a personal statement of up to 600 words describing your personal faith journey, the reason for your interest in the Whitworth Graduate Studies in Theology Program and why now is the right time for you to further your theological studies.

You have the option of emailing your essay to us at a later time ( Simply place a note in the essay box indicating this plan.

Analytical Essay

Please submit an essay of 800-1,000 words that demonstrates your ability to analyze one of the following passages of scripture and reflect on its implications: John 13:1-20 or Isaiah 55:1-13. In your essay, be sure to address two things. First, who is God, according to this particular passage? Second, how might a community be transformed as it hears and responds to this word?

You have the option of emailing your essay to us at a later time ( Simply place a note in the essay box indicating this plan.

Personal Interview

The application process will include a personal interview with the program advisor. If you have not already met with this advisor prior to applying, you will be contacted to set up an interview.