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Student & Alumni Profiles

Choosing the right graduate school is an important decision – one that you shouldn't take lightly. One of the best ways to inform your decision is by talking to students and alumni who have been in your place. The following students and alums discuss why Whitworth's Graduate Studies in Theology Program was the best fit for them.

Erik Strandness, M.D. 

He traded his M.D. for an M.A. and found new ways to heal.

When neonatologist Erik Strandness felt faith leading his life in a new direction, he knew that the Whitworth M.A. in Theology Program would help him find his purpose.

"It was the best decision I ever made," he says. And it gave him the tools to transition from a career in medicine to a career in teaching.

The goal of the Whitworth University Theology Department is to provide students with an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous and spiritually enriching theological education that will equip them to serve in a variety of contexts.

Kaye Linda 

Kaye Linda found a deeper meaning in her life. Now she's inspiring others to do the same.

As Kaye Linda approached retirement, she wanted to combine her faith and teaching expertise in a new vocation as a chaplain. Whitworth prepared her well for the transition.