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About the Program

Program Highlights

  • Grads get jobs: Administrators seek Whitworth students.
  • Concurrent master's degree and Washington teaching certificate
  • Full-time program: Complete it in just 13 months.
  • Year-long internship in the same classroom

"Whitworth students connect with students, create positive learning environments, and quickly add value to the entire school."

-John O'Dell
Principal, Ferris High School

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Cohort Format

The Whitworth Master in Teaching Program begins each June, and the cohort format of the program provides you with a supportive atmosphere and an immediate network of colleagues. You'll experience the entire program with the same group of fellow students, creating a team-like environment that is encouraging and beneficial.

  • located at the main campus in north Spokane
  • 97%

    percentage of last year’s cohort who are teaching

  • 85%

    percentage of last year’s cohort who work in Washington state schools

  • 13 months to complete your degree

Classroom Experience

During the public-school academic year, you'll participate in a year-long internship at one site with one mentor teacher. This has several unique advantages:

  • Experience the first and last days of school, and all the days in between.
  • Prepare for teaching with a full academic year of experience.
  • Develop relationships with students, mentors, administrators and the community.
  • Work first-hand with curriculum sequencing.
  • Fine-tune classroom-management techniques with the same students.

"The MIT program is not something you choose to do 'just because.' People join it because teaching kids is their passion."

Analisa McCann Central Valley School District

"Because I was in a classroom for a full nine months, I also got to experience the 'big picture' of a school year. Keeping this perspective helps me teach my students more effectively and helps me enjoy my job, too! If we accomplish our big goals, we can all feel proud of our work."

Carolyn Green Spokane High School