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Research & Internships

The Whitworth Math & Computer Science Department has an exceptional record in undergraduate research and internships. Motivated students are encouraged to participate in research projects sponsored by departmental faculty. Research and internships introduce students to new opportunities, often serving as a bridge to graduate school and/or industry employment.  Research problems challenge students' ingenuity and creativity, providing a challenge well beyond the normal classroom experience. Students participate in original and notable, graduate caliber research, working closely with a professor and often with other students under faculty leadership and in a mentoring relationship. A sense of camaraderie often develops, fostering creativity and accomplishment. Critical thinking and analytical problem solving skills developed, provides students with extraordinary tools for a successful career or graduate school. The research program begins with the Research Methods course. There are opportunities for fellowships and paid appointments as research assistants. As students prepare for graduate school, these students have the opportunity to submit papers on their research and to attend conferences. Cross-disciplinary research broadens students' horizons and helps them gain an understanding of how different disciplines are connected. A number of our students also participate in National Science Foundation summer REUs at other universities. A number of Whitworth projects span across math and computer science.

Internships provide valuable experience, allowing students to merge their education with practical application, while learning to function in the world of industry. Internships also allow students to explore different types of companies and employment environments, as they seek their own preferences. Internship experiences frequently pave the way for permanent employment following graduation. Whitworth's MACS program has a strong record of internships with placements such as Microsoft Corporation, Boeing Corporation, Adobe Corporation, NextIT Corporation, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, and numerous others.

At Whitworth, motivated students are encouraged to participate in on-going research projects sponsored by departmental faculty.