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Curriculum & Course Schedule

Work side-by-side with other motivated business professionals and encourage each other to excel. Using innovative academic theory, case-based curricula and real-world data, our instructors maximize learning to prepare you for success.  

Course Schedule
Intentionally designed with you in mind, we've built a schedule that can adjust as you need it to, without affecting your completion date. We value your time and respect your obligations outside of the classroom. Core MBA classes meet 6-9:30 p.m. twice weekly - no Fridays or weekends, of course - so you'll know what to expect and how to plan.

If you choose to complete the Concentration in Executive Leadership, courses will be a combination of traditional, hybrid online and practicum formats, in addition to a three-day outdoor excursion, completed over one summer. Please see the following links for the current course schedule and more information about the Whitworth MBA program:

MBA Degree Requirements - 36 credits

MB 501 Organizational Behavior & Leadership 3 credits
MB 522 Economics of the Firm 3 credits
MB 505 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
MB 525 U.S. Business Transactions Law 3 credits
MB 510 Corporate Finance 3 credits
MB 530 Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation 3 credits
MB 515 Advanced Financial Statement Analysis 3 credits
MB 517 Business Statistics & Decision Analysis 3 credits
MB 535 Optimizing Human Resources 3 credits
MB 526 Integrated Marketing Strategies 3 credits
MB 513 Operations & Project Management 3 credits
MB 529 Strategic Management 3 credits

Executive Leadership Concentration Requirements - 9 credits

Students pursuing a concentration in executive leadership will complete the MBA degree requirements listed above in addition to the following:

MB 550 Executive Leadership 3 credits
MB 551 Transferable Team Performance 2 credits
MB 552 Design Thinking 1 credit
MB 553 Leadership in Society 3 credits

Courses in the Executive Leadership Concentration are a combination of traditional, hybrid online and practicum formats, in addition to a three-day outdoor excursion, completed over one summer.


Prerequisites for Whitworth's MBA Program do not need to be completed prior to admission. Whitworth offers several online and self-paced completion methods to satisfy the following coursework or equivalent work experience requirements if you do not already have the necessary background:

  • accounting
  • macroeconomics
  • microeconomics
  • finance
  • marketing
  • statistics.

Please contact your advisor for more information.

Curriculum Goals

Our content is applied, experiential and decision-based, designed to utilize our students' professional and personal experiences in graduate-level business curriculum.

  • Rigor: Providing a comprehensive graduate-level education by provoking deeper levels of thought and application.
  • Relevance: Continually integrating the most current business trends, learning tools and industry technology in our classroom so graduates are equipped to be successful in their dynamic professional careers.
  • Quality: Intentionally investing in students so they can reach their full potential as contributing members in their communities.

Integration of Faith and Learning
The Whitworth MBA strives to provide ethical and faith-based learning experiences through rigorous curriculum and practical application exercises specifically tailored to graduate-level education and spiritual growth. This is accomplished through assignments, classroom discussion and professor engagement rooted in the Christian worldview that critically examines students' searches for truth, meaning, reason and morality in their business vocations as Christian professionals.