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Ensemble Audition Information: 2020-21

Jazz Ensembles, Jazz Combos

  1. All students interested in auditioning for jazz ensemble 1, 2 and all jazz combos, should print it off here: Please be sure to also email Professor Keberle telling him that you will be auditioning for a jazz group.
  2. Please make a video recording of yourself playing the assigned music. Soloists should also use a backing track to demonstrate their jazz improvisation skills on All the Things You Are or on a Bb blues.
  3. Upload your recording to YouTube. Use the "unlisted" setting and email the link to Professor Keberle ( by noon on Friday, Sept. 11. Professor Keberle must receive your recording by noon, Friday, Sept. 11.
  4. Students unable to make a video recording should email Professor Keberle.

Wind Symphony/Concert Band

Students auditioning for Whitworth Wind Symphony should download the music for their instrument from this Dropbox link: If you cannot access your music this way, please email Professor Strauch at to request a scanned copy.

  1. All woodwind and brass auditions will take place by video submitted via Dropbox link. The link is included in the audition instructions and must be submitted by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, Sept. 11. Please follow the instructions outlined in the audition packet.
  2. Percussion auditions will take place in person on Thursday, Sept. 10. Please sign up for an audition time outside of the Ott-Knott instrumental rehearsal room. If you are unable to audition in person, please contact Professor Strauch for alternate arrangements.
  3. Concert band does not require an audition to join! You may simply register for the class. However, if you are a music major or are receiving a wind symphony scholarship, you MUST play a wind symphony audition.
  4. If you will be away from campus this fall but planning to return to campus in the spring, you should still play an audition in order to seat you in an ensemble for the spring semester.


All string players must audition for the orchestra. These auditions will determine seating for all returning and incoming scholarship players, and serve as an entrance/seating audition for anyone who did not previously audition for a scholarship. Please make a video recording of the required audition materials listed below and uploaded to YouTube as an "unlisted" recording. Please share the video address with Professor Baldwin at Recordings are due Sept. 11, 2020. (All materials are available on a Google Drive.)

Orchestra membership for winds, brass and percussion is determined through the wind symphony auditions: There is no need to audition separately for the orchestra. Please indicate your interest to Professor Strauch. Students with an orchestra wind scholarship will be automatically enrolled, depending on orchestration needs.

Whitworth Choir, Women's Choir, Men's Chorus

New incoming students interested in auditioning for the Whitworth Choir and/or the Whitworth Women's Choir:

Returning students who did not sing in a choir last year and are interested in auditioning for the Whitworth Choir and/or the Whitworth Women's Choir:

New and returning students interested in singing in the Whitworth Men's Chorus:

  • Please note: No audition or previous choral or musical experience is required for membership in the Men's Chorus. The only prerequisite is an ability to "carry a tune!" Contact Professor Marc A. Hafso directly for additional information.

Returning WC, WWC or WMC members interested in singing in the same ensemble they sang in last year (2019-20):

  • No audition will be required of student-singers interested in singing in the same ensemble they sang in last year. Note: Email Professor Hafso or Professor Hansen to confirm your interest in returning to the WC, WWC or WMC this fall. 

Members of last year's (2019-20) Whitworth Women's Choir or Whitworth Men's Chorus interested in auditioning for the Whitworth Choir:

Marc A. Hafso, director, Whitworth Choir & Whitworth Men's Chorus (

Debbie Hansen, director, Whitworth Women's Choir (