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Frequently Asked Questions: Whitworth Music Department COVID-19 Response

Music Building 

The music building will now remain locked at all times. The music office staff is working from home and are available to answer questions via email.


Directors of ensembles will communicate with students regarding plans for their courses. Some may determine that learning objectives have already been met for the course. Others may determine that additional work will be required in order to meet learning objectives. 


All private lessons will be taught online. Teachers will reach out to students with instructions regarding the particular platform to use to teach their lessons. Lessons will occur at the same times they are normally scheduled, unless an alternate arrangement is made between the instructor and the student.  Some lessons may need to be adapted if students don't have their usual instruments available for practice (e.g. percussion, pipe organ). Students anticipating difficulty with their lessons (either because of instruments or capacity to meet online) should contact their teacher to determine a solution.

Students will not be allowed to rehearse with accompanists in person. Accompanists may be available to record or work remotely with students.

Recital Hours

The recital hour requirement will be waived for students for this semester. 


Students who have completed their recital or an official recital preview will receive a letter grade (A-F) for the course. Students who have not completed their recital will receive a grade of Satisfactory (S) or Not Satisfactory (NS) based on their preparation of their music over the course of the semester. A grade of Satisfactory will meet the recital requirement for degree programs. 

Upper Division Application

Students applying for Upper Division status will complete their applications. In some cases, the upper division audition will be deferred to the end of fall semester. In other cases, if the student has passed piano proficiency and the area instructor and applied teacher agree that the student has already demonstrated progress and a level of performance consistent with upper-division expectations, the student may be advanced to upper division without the usual audition. Students should consult with their teacher to determine whether they should apply for Upper Division this semester or delay until fall.

Lesson Registration

Lesson registration for next fall will begin after Spring Break. Look out for further instructions from Loree Swegle or Ann Marie Ross at that time.


Students who have checked out a university-owned instrument and wish to continue using it during the hiatus must email Professor Strauch for approval (if they have not already done so) at Students needing to access the building to retrieve personal instruments should contact security.

Music Scholarships

Students with music scholarships will continue to receive those through this semester, regardless of the fact that their ensembles are not continuing to rehearse.