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Featured Alumni

Headshot of Rose FreemanRose Freeman '12

Rose Freeman '12 graduated from Whitworth University with a B.A. in piano pedagogy under Professor Judith Schoepflin. Rose delights in the timeless art of music, both as a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music and as the pianist of The Musical Mountaineers. She is an active member of the Washington State Music Teachers Association as the Snohomish County chapter president. She is the national certification chair for Washington state and coaches music teachers as they complete five teacher profile projects. She delights in delivering a well-rounded musical education that stretches far beyond the notes played by 40 students every week in her home studio.

Through a serendipitous series of events, Rose met violinist Anastasia Allison and they embarked on an adventure to perform sunrise concerts on the summits of Pacific Northwest peaks including Granite Mountain, Mount Dickerman and Hidden Lake Peak. The intrepid duo doesn't announce their wilderness concerts in order to respect "leave no trace" principles and to uphold the purity of their mission. Together, they combine the powerful language of music and the wilderness to bring more light into the world.

Whitworth Experience

"In high school, I auditioned for several other university music departments, but I strongly resonated with Whitworth University's values of an education of the mind and heart. Now, when I remember my years at Whitworth, I will always cherish the conversations and lessons learned in the brick music building.

"My professors at Whitworth not only taught me what to think, but how to think for myself. The small class sizes gave me the opportunity to engage in discussion and ask hard questions. I learned to set big goals and pursue them wholeheartedly with a diligent work ethic. My professors were approachable and supportive both during my studies at Whitworth and after graduation.

"My studies with my music professors, specifically Professor Judith Schoepflin, challenged me to pursue excellence in my own practice of music and helped me determine why I teach what I teach. When I struggled to play the thematic material in a Chopin polonaise with clarity and expression, Dr. Schoepflin faithfully came up with new and creative techniques to instruct me every week. She introduced me to the music teaching community in Spokane and across Washington state. Whitworth University equipped my heart to enter the world with compassion, taught me valuable leadership skills, and prepared me to pursue my vocation as an independent piano teacher."