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Technology Requirements for Candidates

Students are required to have a laptop computer (PC with Windows 8.1 or later or Mac – Mojave or later; processor speed) with camera and speaker capabilities for completion of coursework. Students should have access to high-speed internet services when off campus (at home or during clinical placements). Students will be able to utilize university Wi-Fi access on campus. As an enrolled student (and up to 30 days following graduation), students will have access to the Microsoft Office Suite and OneDrive products through the university’s Office 365 subscription. Students will utilize our learning management system, Blackboard. University Office 365 email is accessible for life after graduation.

It is not recommended that students rely on a Chromebook, tablet, iPad or smartphone for completion of coursework. The use of Google docs and Dropbox are not permitted per technology policies of the university; the Office 365 OneDrive account should be used exclusively for cloud file storage.

For any technology related questions, please contact our help desk at 509.777.3911.

Competencies for Technology Use

Students must be able to:

  • Initiate and reply to emails with and without attached files.
  • Create, edit, store, upload and download a file for coursework requirements.
  • Use the camera and microphone features of their laptop to participate in virtual meetings and record presentations for submission as coursework.
  • Participate in online coursework in the form of assignments, quizzes/tests, presentations, discussion boards, etc.
  • Utilize browsers to access content and information for coursework.
  • Engage with the university’s learning management system.
  • Utilize Microsoft Office Suite Applications (Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, calendar, etc.).
  • Perform basic maintenance of their computer (virus scanning, cleanup/clearing browser).