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Financial Aid & Scholarships

At Whitworth University, our goal is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in an off-campus program, whether domestic or international. We understand that financial concerns can be a very real barrier for some students. The International Education Center and financial aid office are here to support you with thorough advising and guidance to aid resources that can help you make study abroad a reality.

Whitworth-Sponsored Scholarships & Grants

There are various Whitworth donor-sponsored scholarships designated for students studying abroad though off-campus, faculty-led programs. The scholarships and grants vary in their eligibility requirements and total award amounts, but listed below is a brief summary of the award titles and amounts. View the full eligibility and award details here: OCP Financial Aid Summary


Application Opens April 15, 2019
Application Deadline May 10, 2019
Award Notification June 1, 2019
Award notification date is estimated, actual notification may vary
  • Whitworth OCP Travel Grants: $300-$1,000 awards
  • Whitworth University Academic Travel Scholarship: $400 awards (12 offered)
  • Alice K.Yoder Travel Scholarship: $500 awards (seven offered)
  • CASP Enrichment Scholarships (Ron & Marianne Frase Scholarship, Grader CASP Enrichment Scholarship, One Pine Day CASP Scholarship): Award amounts vary
  • Ruth Baird Travel Scholarship: $1,700 awards (two offered)
  • Howard Stien Biology & Science Study Endowment: $900 awards (two offered)
  • Mary Jane Maxwell Foundation Scholarship: $1,100 awards (two offered)
  • Dr. Chip & Cheryl Kimball Scholarship for Experiential Learning: $500 awards (five offered)

Other Study Abroad Scholarships

There are numerous other resources available to study abroad students to help fund international programs. These financial support resources may be offered by the organization providing your program (ex. ISEP, IES), by your host university abroad, or by an external entity such as the U.S. State Department. See below for a list of other scholarship/grant resources for study abroad.