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Research & Internships

Some of the psychology department's current research projects include:

  • Assistant Professor Melissa Rogers' research on how to get students to use effective study strategies
  • Assistant Professor Elizabeth Campbell's research on career development and college students; also working to develop a better model of teaching for counseling development
  • Student researchers in Assistant Professor Alisha Epps' lab investigate the role of the endocannabinoid system and hippocampus of the brain in depression- and epilepsy-related behaviors, as funded by the M.J. Murdock Foundation and a CCCU/SCIO Supporting Structures grant

Examples of recent student internships include:

  • Research with Washington State University's Sleep Laboratory
  • Whitworth's Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic
  • U-District Counseling
  • Technician at Physical Therapy Associates
  • Youth development counselor for Boys & Girls Club