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Dance Minor

As a dance minor at Whitworth, you can combine your love of dance with almost any other area of study. Studying dance is an opportunity to build physical awareness, focus on wellness and build confidence. Courses like Choreography will help you develop leadership, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Why study dance at Whitworth? 

  • Connect your faith or worldview to your learning. Professors encourage students to investigate the ways in which creative endeavors inform and enhance their faith.
  • Connect with professionals in the field through yearly community dance performances and a Jan Term program that takes students to New York City to meet and learn from performing arts professionals.
  • Small class sizes allow for individualized instruction and opportunities to offer creative input.
  • Meet and learn from students across disciplines. The program attracts students from a diverse range of majors.
  • Become who you're meant to be.

Our dance grads make a difference (and get jobs)

Whitworth dance minors teach in private dance studios, choreograph professional and community theatre, develop youth dance programs, and coach dance teams. Combined with other disciplines like education or theology, graduates can work to extend dance programs in schools and ministries as well.

Recent job placements include:

  • Emily Beloate, dance instructor at The Joy of Dancing and theatre artist and assistant producer/director for Epic Immersive
  • Caleb Klein, house manager, Mount Baker Theatre
  • Lauren Houtz, owner and dance instructor, Jubilee Dance
  • Hannah Edstrom, math teacher, McKnight Middle School

Ask our faculty

Ask Pam

Adjunct faculty member Pam Erickson specializes in ballet, modern dance and dance history.

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