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German Minor

In this minor, you will gain linguistic proficiency in the German language and explore German culture and history. Gaining proficiency in German opens the way to a number of careers, as German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and Germany boasts one of the world's strongest economies and a rich cultural heritage. Whitworth's German minor will connect you with study-abroad opportunities, advanced coursework and a fun, close-knit community of students.

Why minor in German at Whitworth?

  • Develop language acquisition skills that boost your studies in other areas. Students who study another language often find that their English improves as well and are better prepared to learn specialized terminology.
  • Participate in once-in-a-lifetime study-abroad experiences. German is one of the few minors that requires you to study abroad.
  • Learn from instructors who are native speakers and who offer personal insights on German culture.
  • Have fun in class. You'll sing German hymns at the beginning of class and create biographies of famous German writers, politicians and artists.
  • Extend your learning and take advanced classes like German Fables or Advanced Conversation virtually or in-person at nearby Gonzaga University.
  • Develop intercultural competency. Studying language opens the door to explorations of history, politics and culture.
  • Become who you're meant to be.

Our German grads make a difference (and get jobs)

Employers value German proficiency and cultural knowledge at a premium. Whitworth German minors have found success in business, technology, diplomacy, nonprofits and many other fields.

Recent job placements include:

  • Nathanael Ankeny, assistant professor of music and jazz ensemble director, George Fox University
  • Aubrey Beard, disaster workforce engagement manager, American Red Cross
  • Joshua Bigner, coordinator, Center for Family and Couples Therapy at Colorado State University
  • Michael Bouterse, director, Thrive Ministries
  • Marylee Keller, policy operations associate, Google

Ask our faculty

Ask Jennifer

Professor Jennifer Stafford Brown is chair of the Whitworth World Languages & Cultures Department.

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