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International Studies, Political Science or History Emphasis, B.A.

As an international studies major at Whitworth, you will develop a global perspective that is vital in our increasingly interconnected world. Through studying history, political science and more, you will grow to understand and appreciate the rich history and culture of other peoples as well as how they impact international interactions today. Whitworth offers international studies majors through both the political science and history departments, so you will choose one of those disciplines as your emphasis.

Why major in international studies at Whitworth?

  • Explore the world with your professors or independently through Whitworth's many study-abroad opportunities.
  • Study a variety of subjects and delve deeper into topics that interest you. Political science, history, sociology, world languages & cultures, business and other subjects can all enhance your understanding of the contemporary international context.
  • Connect your faith or worldview to your learning. Studying other cultures provides a unique way to reflect on your own faith and values. Often, learning about others' beliefs will help you form a better sense of what you think and believe.
  • Gain proficiency in another language. The major's world language requirement will prepare you to engage fluently with non-English speakers in a country of interest.
  • Build transferable skills that are valuable in many career fields. Learn to think critically, conduct research, communicate clearly and listen well.
  • Learn from professors who are dedicated to rigorous academic inquiry and to their students. Your professors will challenge you to grow academically and personally.
  • Take advantage of teaching assistantships, which are especially beneficial if you plan to pursue graduate school.
  • Discover career options through courses such as Senior Seminar in Political Science or Becoming a Historian.
  • Become who you're meant to be.

Our international studies grads make a difference (and get jobs)

Our grads are prepared for a wide array of careers, both domestic and international. The major focuses on building students' capacities to work in careers in government and politics, nonprofit organizations, law, teaching, the military, research and peacemaking, and for work in related fields such as business or ministry/missions, all with an international emphasis.

Recent job placements include:

  • Aubrey Beard, disaster workforce engagement manager, American Red Cross
  • Kristina Grossman, program coordination officer, United States Agency for International Development, Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance, Washington, D.C.
  • Christy Haase, localization project manager, Glyph Language Services

Our recent international studies grads further their studies in top graduate programs at institutions including:

  • Georgetown University
  • Columbia University
  • University of Washington
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Georgia State University
  • University of Colorado School of Law

Pack your bags!

There's no better way to learn about the world than to study abroad. In fact, studying abroad is a requirement for students majoring in international studies with a political science emphasis.

Whitworth offers numerous opportunities, both through faculty-led programs and independent exchange programs. Recent destinations of programs led by political science or history faculty include Vietnam, Italy, South Africa, China, Tanzania and the British Isles.

Ask our faculty

Ask Professor Hershey

Professor of Political Science Megan Hershey's areas of expertise include African politics, comparative politics and international development.

Anthony Clark

Ask Professor Clark

Professor of History Anthony Clark's expertise is in late-imperial China.

Ask Professor Stronks

Professor of Political Science Julia Stronks specializes in international law.

Ask Assistant Professor Hitefield

Assistant Professor of Political Science Aaron Hitefield's areas of expertise include American political institutions such as congress and the presidency, parties and elections and political behavior.

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