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Sociology, B.A.

Sociology is the study of human beings and their behavior and actions. At Whitworth, studying sociology is a joint pursuit between students and faculty to explore in-depth what is important in our personal and social lives through Christian perspectives.

Your studies in the Whitworth Sociology Department will help you develop tangible skills that will prepare you for almost any career field or graduate program as you learn how to interpret decision-making data, analyze and solve problems, and identify and articulate patterns in human behavior.

Why major in sociology at Whitworth?

  • Work alongside your professors as you collaborate on research and co-author articles.
  • Travel to and present at conferences, such as the Pacific Sociological Association conference, where you can network with others in your field.
  • Connect your faith or worldview to the social theories and concepts discussed in class.
  • Know your professors as colleagues and friends as they welcome you and your classmates into their homes, and as they travel with you to conferences and on study abroad programs.
  • Participate in practicums and internships that relate to your career interests.
  • Learn how to use foundational software applications such as geographic information systems (GIS) mapping and other statistical programs that are crucial to your research and career.
  • Research the subjects that interest you most through independent study opportunities.
  • Develop leadership skills through service in the Spokane community and abroad.
  • Sharpen your intercultural skills through courses on race and ethnicity, civil rights, intergroup dialogue and globalization.

Our sociology grads make a difference (and get jobs)

Whitworth sociology majors are sought by employers because of their ability to apply critical thinking to the workplace, see connections both big and small, collect and analyze data and research, and work independently and as part of a team, and because of their understanding of racial, ethnic, cultural and other forms of diversity. They’re great writers and communicators who can work effectively across differences.

Our graduates are working in a variety of positions and fields, including:

  • Octavio Blanco, business analyst and data processing manager, Amazon Web Services, Seattle
  • Bailey Richardson, milieu counselor, Center for Discovery, Seattle
  • Joshua Binger, coordinator, Center for Family and Couples Therapy at Colorado State University
  • Alannah Price, human resources manager, WestGate Church, San Francisco
  • Shyanne Schoenlein, marketing specialist, Gritman Medical Center, Moscow, Idaho

Our recent sociology grads further their studies in top graduate programs at institutions including:

  • Vanderbilt University
  • University of Southern California
  • Northwestern University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Washington State University

Pack your bags!

Take the concepts you're learning as a sociology major and apply them to different cultures through our study abroad programs, such as Cultural Anthropology in Hawaii; Social Inequality and Sustainability in Costa Rica and Cuba; and Social Equality in Scandinavia.

Ask our faculty

Ask Mark

Associate Professor Mark Killian specializes in criminal justice.

Ask Jason

Professor Jason Wollschleger specializes in sociology of religion and of genocide; racial and ethnic minorities; and public schools in the U.S.