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U.S. Cultural Studies Minor

The Whitworth United States Cultural Studies Program acknowledges that many factors, such as race, ethnicity, national origin, socio-economics, gender, sexual orientation and type of disability, influence our lives and experiences in the U.S. In one way or another, others’ perceptions of us, or even our self-perceptions, have been formed by these personal characteristics and by the groups that are identified by these characteristics. Our goal is to study these groups so that we can understand their lives and our own in the contemporary United States.

Minor Curriculum (18 credits)

Eighteen credits are required for a U.S. cultural studies minor.

Required Courses (9 Credits)
USCS 120: Introduction to U.S. Cultural Studies
USCS 220/SO 220: Race and Ethnicity
USCS 410/SO 410: Intergroup Dialogue

Elective Courses* (9 Credits)
USCS 201: Genealogy in Cultural Context
USCS 231: U.S. Latino/a Film
USCS 232: Native American Film
USCS 233: African American Film
USCS 276: Applied Anthropology
USCS 310: U.S. Cultural Studies: Community-Based Research
USCS 311: U.S. Cultural Studies: Campus-Based Research
USCS 313: Identity Formation in US Cultural Context
AR 266: History of Art of the United States
EDE 368: Intercultural Immersion Experience
EDU 326: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
EIS 109: American Studies for International Students
EL 124: African American Literature
EL 127/WGS 127: African American Women Writers
EL 128: Multicultural American Literature
EL 131: Native American Literature
EL 132: American Immigrant Literature
EL 136: Asian American Literature
HI 212: American Popular Culture
HI 228: Identity, Race, and Power in American Life
HI 229: African American History
HI 240: African American History to 1877
HI 241: African American History Since 1865
HI 311: US Civil Rights Struggle
HI 384: Pacific Northwest History
HS 261: Community Health
MU 206: Jazz in America
PO 275: Poverty and Community Development
SN 418: Latinos in the US
SO 200: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SO 222: U.S. Civil Rights Movements
SO 205: Social Stratification: Power, Prestige And Wealth
SP 398: Intercultural Communication
SP 436: African-American Preaching

*Students may also select up to 9 credits of elective courses from the current list of USD (U.S. Diversity General Education) designated courses. Additional elective courses may count toward the minor, with the submission of a course syllabus and preapproval from the program director.

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