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Faculty & Staff

For more information about the Teacher Education Department, please contact program assistant Abby Leman ( or 509.777.3229) or department chair Lisa Laurier ( or 509.777.3263).


Cyndi Caniglia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

David Cherry, Ph.D.


Megan Griffin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Lisa Hoxie, M.Ed.


Lori Johnson, Ed.D.


Lisa Laurier, Ed.D.

Department Chair

Keith Lambert, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Sharon Naccarato, M.A.

Visiting Instructor

Sharon Neville-Mitchell, M.S.

Senior Lecturer

Kathryn Picanco, Ed.D.


Mark Selle, Ph.D.


Flint Simonsen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Jessica Thomas, M.Ed.


Anne Wilcox, M.A.T.

Assistant Professor

Emeriti Faculty

Roberta Wilburn
Associate Dean and Professor Emerita of Education (2007-21)

Barbara Sanders
Professor Emerita of Education (1997-2017)

Ann Teberg
Associate Professor Emerita of Education (2002-17)

Ron L. Prosser
Associate Professor Emeritus of Education (2000-16)

Dennis W. Sterner
Professor Emeritus of Education and Dean Emeritus of the School of Education (1988-2015)

Betty Fry Williams
Professor Emerita of Education (1998-2014)

Carol A. Hollar
Associate Professor Emerita of Education (1986-2013)

Margo S. Long
Associate Professor Emerita of Education (1978-2011)

Sharon H. Mowry
Associate Professor Emerita of Education (2000-10)

Tammy R. Reid
Professor Emerita of English and Education (1971-2010)

Gordon Watanabe
Professor Emeritus of Education (1992-2007)

Diane Dempsey Marr
Professor Emerita of Education (1996-2007)


Kim LaVine

Field Placement Coordinator

Abby Leman

Program Assistant

Taylor McIlraith

Assistant Director of Field Placement

School of Education Staff Supporting the Teacher Education Department

Ronald Jacobson, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Education

Becky Prior

Program Support Specialist

Sarah Seidel

Assistant to the Dean

Katherine Smith

Certification Specialist

Crystal Weddington

Director, Educational Certification & Career Services