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School of Education Undergraduate Application Process

Students wishing to pursue a degree in education and a teacher certification need to be formally admitted to the School of Education. This application process happens during a student's time in the 200 block classes: EDU 201 (Educational Psychology), EDU 202 (Exploring Teaching) and EDU 203 (Field Experience). During those classes, students receive information on the application process as well as what to expect as they progress through the program. Additional benchmarks are established in the program assure that students stay on track.

The basic progression through the program is as follows:

  • Enroll in the 200 block. Apply to the SOE, clear benchmark 1.
  • If admitted, progress through the 300 block. Interview and clear benchmark 2.
  • If cleared, continue through the 300 block and begin the 400 block. Interview for student teaching and clear benchmark 3.
  • If cleared, continue through the 400 block and prepare for student teaching and state certification. 
  • Complete student teaching and certification requirements. Graduate with a degree in education, certification to teach in the state of Washington. Graduates interested in transferring their Washington state teaching certificate to another state are provided guidance and support through the Whitworth Office of Educational Certification & Career Services.