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Ryan GradyRyan Grady '22 

Why did you decide to study engineering?

I've always been up for a challenge, and the difficulty of the degree is something that I was excited to tackle. I have a deep passion for designing, building and understanding how things work. I chose to study engineering because I love solving complex problems, learning exciting new skills, and growing the friendships my peers and I have made as we work on projects together.

What are some of your favorite classes so far? 

My favorite class at Whitworth has been Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer. I've spent my life doing sports in and on the water. It was exciting to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of fluids, and apply that knowledge to my sports.

Tell us about a unique experience you've had or project you've worked on for your major. 

Working on Whitworth's capstone design project has been an amazing new experience. My peers and I have had to learn a completely new engineering system and design improvements for it that meet actual industry standards. A unique part of this experience is that our group is doing a lot of different types of engineering all at once. We are simultaneously developing electrical, mechanical and software systems for this project. I have really enjoyed growing my skills and working with my peers on this project.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about majoring in engineering?

My advice would be to invest in faculty relationships early on and to always ask for help if you are stuck. Some of the best moments in my education have come from conversations with professors. They are so invested in the students here and really want us all to learn and grow. Classes here are tough, and asking your classmates for help or working on homework together is a very rewarding experience. Some of my closest friends at Whitworth have come from studying for classes together.

What's your dream job?  

My dream job would be to work as a systems engineer. As a systems engineer, you have to take a lot of different parts of a project and integrate them together. You also need to communicate your ideas and solutions effectively so that the system ends up working well as a finished product. The education here at Whitworth provides an in-depth understanding of many different elements of engineering and how they fit together. Whitworth also cultivates a culture of good communication through strong writing and oral presentations, something I have appreciated as I work on job applications and interviews.

Who has been an important connection for you at Whitworth, and why? 

Dr. Measor has been an amazing professor and mentor. He has always encouraged me to look at the bigger picture and challenged me to think creatively about problems and come up with unique solutions to them. He has also pushed me to develop my faith in engineering and pursue career development opportunities.

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