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Delaney From '23

Why did you decide to study Spanish?

I decided to study Spanish because I feel that the ability to speak multiple languages and communicate with more people in the world is a gift. Instead of expecting that the rest of the world learn English, we should make an effort to learn the beautiful languages of those who live all around the world, and for me, studying Spanish is a wonderful way to open these doors.

What are some of your favorite classes so far?

So far, one of my favorite Spanish classes has been my conversation class because we have gotten to practice how to handle real life situations, such as how to get a job or go to the grocery store or the bank. Having the opportunity to speak in small groups, both about specific prompts and simple day-to-day conversations, has helped me better my language skills and feel more comfortable conversing with others in the target language. 

Tell us about a unique experience or project you've worked on for your major.

Something unique that I have been able to do within my major is a research project regarding how English speakers learning Spanish acquire accents and learn Spanish pronunciation. I have gotten to read many studies that already exist as well as design and carry out my own study.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about majoring in Spanish?

I would tell you that you need to be ready to not only continue learning the language itself, but to also learn about history and important topics and issues facing Spanish-speaking countries. 

What's your dream job?

My dream job is to be a professor of Spanish linguistics.

Who has been an important connection for you at Whitworth, and why?

My major advisor, Dr. Katherine Karr-Cornejo, has been a very important connection for me here at Whitworth. From my first week of freshman year, she has helped me organize my classes, helped me tremendously with my research project, and she always enjoys talking about new recipes that I should consider trying.

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