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Frequently Asked Questions: Admissions COVID-19 Response

We know that COVID-19 continues to impact the enrollment process for students applying to and enrolling at Whitworth. The following FAQ is specifically designed to address the needs of these students and families. If you have any questions that go beyond the list below, please reach out to the admissions office at or 509.777.4786.

How will Whitworth handle transcript requirements if high schools are having delays?

Whitworth will accept unofficial transcripts or grade reports to fulfill the admissions application requirement and to make an admissions decision. The documents must include grades and credits assigned for each class. We will calculate a weighted GPA for advanced courses that have been completed - if the grades are not weighted on the transcript. Transcripts or grade reports can be sent to

Is Whitworth having in-person classes and activities during Jan Term and Spring Term?

Yes. Whitworth has returned to normal campus operations. This means we are offering a full array of in-person classes and co-curricular experiences, as well as normal occupancy in the residence halls.

If necessary, based on guidance from regional, state and national health authorities, we will temporarily adjust operations to ensure the health and well-being of our community.

Whether online, hybrid or in person, Whitworth will offer a highly relational, student-centered, mind-and-heart education.

Are you still accepting credit for AP/IB/Cambridge tests and dual enrollment classes?

Yes, we will continue to accept credits for this kind of academic work completed during high school following our existing policy.

If my family's financial situation has been affected by COVID-19, would I be eligible for additional financial resources?

Whitworth may be able to adjust financial aid based on circumstances not reflected on the FAFSA or WASFA. Shortly after receiving financial aid offers, admitted students and parents will receive an email inviting them to schedule a zoom call with their admissions counselor to address questions and concerns related to their financial aid offer and resources to afford Whitworth. Other questions can be directed to your personal admissions counselor at or 509.777.4786.

I had planned to take the SAT/ACT, but test dates were canceled. What are my options?

Whitworth has been test-optional for 14 years. Students with transcripts from accredited high school or college courses (i.e., Running Start) have the option not to submit test scores with their application and to be fully considered for admission and university scholarships without test scores. Students who have only attended non-accredited homeschool programs or who received competency-based grades with no cumulative GPA are required to submit test scores.