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Graduate Student Resources & Policies

  • In Case of Academic Difficulty

    • Contact the professor of the class in which you are struggling. Your professor may have ideas for improvement and can provide helpful campus resources. The sooner you contact your professor, the better.
    • Meet with your program advisor to discuss options. 
    • Take advantage of campus academic supports, including the library and the Whitworth Composition Commons (see Academic Resources).
    • Contact educational support services, located on the second floor of the HUB. This is particularly important if you have a documented learning disability. Information is available at
    • Find technology resources on our Computer User Guide - Graduate Programs.
  • Academic Resources

    General Study Skills


    Librarians are available to assist students with any and all research. Visit Ask a Librarian to chat, email, call or make an appointment with a librarian. Also, check out the library's research guides for research help by subject.

    Math Lab, Fall 2021

    Days/time: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 7-9 p.m.*

    Location: Johnston Science Center Room 308

    *No math lab Oct. 28, Nov. 23, Nov. 24, Nov. 25.

    Writing Assistance: Whitworth Composition Commons 

    The Whitworth Composition Commons (WCC) offers individual and small-group writing consultations to any person affiliated with Whitworth. You can visit the WCC for feedback on any aspect of writing, including getting started on an assignment, developing an argument, or final revising and editing. PowerPoint presentations and other multimodal compositions are also welcomed! Sessions are 30-60 minutes, so come with specific questions about your project. 

    The WCC will offer a limited number of in-person (offline) writing consultations this semester. Consultants available for offline services will have NO designated label below their name in the WCOnline scheduler and will meet clients for writing consultations in Whitworth Library Room 242. Consultants available for online consultations will have the label “ONLINE ONLY” below their name and will meet clients through the WCOnline scheduler.

    To make an appointment for a consultation, navigate to, select the "Make an Appointment" button, and follow the instructions provided.

  • Career Resources

    Utilize Whitworth Career Services (509.777.3272) to discover your unique talents and abilities and effectively initiate and implement career plans.

    For students in the College of Arts & Sciences, contact Tracy Mouser.

    Tracy Mouser
    Director, Center for Career & Professional Development

    For students in the School of Education, contact Katherine Smith.

    Katherine Smith
    Certification Specialist, Educational Certification & Career Services

    For students in the School of Business, contact Sierra Bryceson.

    Sierra Bryceson
    Associate Director, Internships & External Relations, School of Business

  • Mental, Physical & Emotional Health Resources

    In the case of an on-campus medical emergency, call 911.

    In the case of a non-emergency situation, contact campus security at 509.777.4444.

    Marriage & Family Therapy Center

    Graduate students have access to free counseling at the Whitworth Marriage & Family Therapy Center. Therapy services are provided by advanced graduate students in Whitworth University's Marriage & Family Therapy program, under the supervision of experienced faculty practitioners.

    Call 509.777.3411 to schedule an appointment.

    Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

    Title IX Resources

    If you believe you have been subjected to (1) sexual harassment by university faculty or staff or (2) any other form of gender discrimination under Title IX, you may report such misconduct or file a formal complaint with the Title IX coordinator, Rhosetta Rhodes at 509.777.4536 or The entire complaint procedure can be found at

    If you are a student who believes you have been or are the victim of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, sexual violence or other sexual misconduct, by another university student, you may report such conduct or file a complaint under Title IX with Associate Dean of Students Craig Chatriand at 509.777.4655 or Complaints of student sexual misconduct are also addressed in the student handbook, which may be found at

    For confidential reporting options, see the sexual harassment info and resources page. For absolute confidentiality, you should speak with an on-campus or off-campus mental health counselor or call off-campus rape crisis resources – the Lutheran Social Services 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line (509.624.7273) or the 24-Hour Crime Victim Crisis Line (866.751.7119) – for assistance. In addition, you may speak with chaplain clergy or health center staff, who will also keep your report confidential upon request.

    Chaplain Services: 509.777.4345

    Forrest Bucker
    Dean of Spiritual Life

    Lauren Taylor
    Campus Pastor

    Health Center: 509.777.3259

    8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
    Closed noon-1 p.m. Monday-Friday
    Closed 10:55-11:35 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday for chapel

  • In Case of Financial Difficulty

    You can find more information regarding graduate student financial services at

    For financial aid questions, concerns or information about satisfactory progress (for receiving financial aid), including the number of credits you must take and the grade-point average you must maintain for aid, please direct your questions to the contact below:

    David Barnes
    Senior Associate Director

    For questions or concerns regarding your student account balances or payment plan options, please contact a student accounts specialist:

  • Military & Veteran-Affiliated Student Resources

    For questions about VA benefits, resources and programs, please visit Military & Veterans or reach out to our university contacts.

    Alicia Ordaz, VA Certifying Official 

    Phil Labrie, Veterans Outreach
    Associate Director

  • In Case of Technical Difficulties

    Whitworth's Computer Help Desk can assist installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and problem resolution for all Whitworth hardware and software systems. Contact us at 509.777.3911 or

    Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
    Friday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 

    Visit Resources for Students to locate user guides for campus network issues, Office 365 and the wireless network. 

  • Graduate Student Policies

    Student Bill of Rights

    This section includes a declaration of nondiscrimination, confidentiality policies, the freedoms afforded to students and standards for disciplinary procedures.

    University Academic Policies

    This section explains policies related to academics, attendance and classroom behavior.

    University Policies

    This section contains general university policies regarding student activities, the business office, internet and email usage, emergency response plan, solicitation and fundraising, vehicle operations, and on-campus weapon possession.

    Behavioral Expectations

    This section provides expectations for personal conduct, enforcement of student conduct, and sexual/gender harassment and non-discrimination policies and reporting procedures.

    Graduate Student Academic Policies

    This section clarifies graduate academic standards, class attendance policies, active status and suspension, appeals, and graduation procedures.