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Freshman Class Profile

Class of 2023

  • Total freshman applications: 4,012 (domestic and international)
  • Enrollment: 698
  • Middle 50% of HS GPA: 3.49-4.02
  • Middle 50% of SAT: 1070-1280
  • Middle 50% of ACT: 21-28
  • Students from underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds: 40%
  • First-generation students: 38%
  • International students: 5%

Fun Facts

  • Top feeder states: California, Hawai'i, Idaho, Oregon and Washington
  • Top feeder countries: Ghana, India, Mongolia and Nigeria
  • Most common female names: Emily and Emma
  • Most common male names: Nathan, Alex, Caleb, Dylan and Sam

This incoming class is set to be the second largest first-year class in the history of the university. This is also the most diverse class Whitworth has ever seen, with the highest percentage of first-generation students, students from underrepresented racial/ethnic backgrounds, and international students.