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Business Affairs

The Whitworth Office of Business Affairs oversees all financial matters of the university, including the budget, the endowment fund, and the current restricted funds. The office of business affairs also oversees the functions of accounts payable, payroll, student accounting services, and the operations and projects of facilities services.

Accounts Payable

The Whitworth Office of Accounts Payable addresses all issues related to purchase orders, invoices, and check requests.


The Whitworth Payroll Office addresses all issues regarding payroll processing and ACH salary payments.

Student Financial Services

  • The Whitworth Student¬†Financial Services Office answers questions regarding charges made to student accounts for tuition, room & board, and fees such as health insurance and parking permits; the office also answers questions about payment plans and options. Cashier services are available through the student accounts office.
  • The Whitworth Perkins/Institutional Loan Office provides information about the availability and disbursement of Perkins and institutional loans for current students and about repayment options for former students.