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On-Campus Recruiting Program

The Whitworth University On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) Program provides employers and students with a convenient opportunity to interview on campus during the fall and spring semesters for full-time, internship and summer positions. Current students and recent graduates from all degree areas are eligible to participate in this program. 


Employers who are hiring candidates for bona fide jobs or internships may interview through Whitworth's OCR Program. A bona fide job is defined as a professional position that is salaried (not 100 percent commission), and does not require the candidate to pay a fee for training, equipment, application procedures or other job-related expenses.

A bona fide internship opportunity is one where the student works on a project of importance to the organization, receives timely instruction and feedback from the supervisor, and has a mentor-like relationship with someone in the organization who can teach about the organization, in particular, and the industry as a whole.

Employers may only recruit on campus for existing job vacancies or those that will exist by the time a candidate is available for employment with your organization. On-campus interviews must be directly scheduled and conducted by the organization’s employees, rather than by third-party representatives.


For further information or to schedule a campus visit, please contact Kimberly Connors, assistant director of career services, by email at or phone at 509.777.3344.