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Frequently Asked Questions: Career Services/Student Employment COVID-19 Response

Career Services

Can I still meet with my career advisor?  

Absolutely! The career services & student employment office is virtually open. You can make appointments via Handshake.

Are virtual appointments available?  

Yes. Virtual appointments are available from on and off campus. A variety of methods are available including phone, email and Microsoft Teams.  

How do I make a virtual appointment? 

Log in to and sign in with your network username and password. Click "Career Center" and then "Appointments." Choose your preferred appointment category, appointment type and an available time. You will be asked which "Appointment Medium" you would like. Please select "Electronic/Virtual: Email, Video: MS Teams or Phone." Your advisor will reach out to confirm the details of your appointment or any additional information needed.

Are drop-in appointments still available? 

No. All services are available virtually. 

Are the Career Peer Coaches still holding station hours around campus? 

No. At this time, all advising appointments will be conducted virtually.

Will there be any career services & student employment events on campus while the alternative instruction methods are in place? 

All career services events have been canceled. We will be sharing more about virtual opportunities as they become available.

Student Employment

If I am attending classes remotely, can I work as a student employee?

Yes. Students may work from home on things like projects, social media posts, research or grading, but only if they live and are working in Washington state. Students cannot have access to the university's protected systems, like Colleague or file shares, from home. The supervisor must be able to monitor the student employee's work and time entry card.

How many hours can a student employee work on campus for the academic semester? How many hours while doing remote learning?

During the academic semester, student employees typically work 10 hours per week with a maximum of 20 hours per week from all positions combined. Only if the supervisor(s) have enough remote work can a student continue to work once attending remotely.

What identification must I bring to campus to work as a student employee?

The I-9 form requires specific identification. The most common types are either a passport OR either a driver's license or student I.D. card AND either a social security card or a birth certificate. Documents must be the originals – no copies are accepted.

If you have an emergency that will require an exception to this, please contact Laurie Armstrong Sargent at

How will I apply for a job on or off campus during COVID? When will the jobs be available?

The application process for a student employment job has not changed. The majority of jobs will be posted on Handshake on Sept. 4, and application instructions are listed for each position. There are some positions posted only for jobs that start before school begins.

Who can work on campus? Do I have to be awarded work study to work as a student employee?

Any student is eligible to work on campus regardless of if they have been awarded work study or not. Work study is not gifted or guaranteed money. It is an opportunity to pursue work. The job market on campus is very competitive. If you are having difficulty, please contact the student employment office.

If I go home due to COVID, can I utilize my State Work Study award in my hometown?

Yes. You can utilize your State Work Study award in your hometown as long as the employer is approved with the WA SWS program. Please contact the student employment office for more information, as approval is needed before beginning work.

I am a returning student who worked on campus last year. How will I know if I still have my same position?

It would be best to contact your past supervisor to confirm the current availability of your position and to learn of any changes that have occurred.